The Best Motorcycles With Cruise Control: Ultimate Guide For Long-Distance Riders

What motorcycles have cruise control? That’s a question many riders ask, especially those who love long road trips.

Cruise control isn’t just about comfort. It can also help reduce fatigue and improve fuel efficiency.

But not all bikes come with this feature. A few bikes provide this feature as an option, but some don’t offer it at all.

If you’re curious to know what motorcycles have cruise control and how it impacts your ride, then stick around!

Understanding Cruise Control on Motorcycles

Cruise control, once a luxury feature in the world of motorcycles, has become increasingly common. It’s not just about riding with ease; it changes the entire experience.

Here are some key insights into cruise control and how it works.

The Nitty-Gritty of Electronic Cruise Control

Have you ever pondered the process that occurs when your bike is set to cruise at a constant speed? The electronic brain – an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – communicates with the engine management system. Together, they adjust fuel delivery to maintain that steady pace. Pretty cool, right?

Premium touring bikes from renowned brands like BMW, Harley-Davidson, and the Honda Goldwing series now come equipped with this technology right out of the factory.

A Peek Into Throttle Locks

If electronic cruise control is too high-tech for your taste or budget, there’s another option: throttle lock or manual cruise control. This little gadget physically holds your throttle open at any position you desire. Say goodbye to sore wrists during those long straight rides.

You can add these aftermarket modifications to many motorcycles, regardless of make or model, because let’s face it – we all need comfort while cruising down highways.

While both types offer increased comfort during long rides, especially if highway riding makes up most of your journey, using them responsibly is paramount due to potential safety concerns.

Grasping the mechanics of an object and employing it securely go together.

Types of Cruise Control Systems in Motorcycles

Cruise control systems have revolutionized the riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. What was once considered a luxury has now become a necessity, with these systems becoming increasingly prevalent.

You may think that all cruise controls are identical, however this is not the case. Different cruise control systems exist, each with its own set of characteristics.

Standard Cruise Control

The first type is the standard electronic cruise control system, which can be found on many motorcycles across various brands. This system allows riders to maintain their desired speed without constantly gripping the throttle, providing an extra set of hands when needed.

Active Cruise Control

One step up is the active cruise control, a clever technology that utilizes radar sensors to automatically adjust the bike’s speed based on the road conditions ahead. This feature truly makes life easier for riders.

Adaptive Cruise Control

A recent innovation in the cruise control landscape is the development of adaptive cruise control (ACC), which takes the technology a step further by incorporating radar-based assistance systems. ACC systems allow the motorcycle to not only maintain a set speed but also adjust that speed according to surrounding traffic conditions.

Motorcycles equipped with adaptive cruise control use radar sensors to detect vehicles ahead and calculate their distance and speed. The ACC system then adjusts the motorcycle’s throttle and engine output as necessary to maintain a safe following distance from the leading vehicle. This feature provides an added layer of convenience and safety for riders, especially during long journeys or in congested traffic.

In recent years, multiple motorcycle manufacturers have begun integrating adaptive cruise control systems into their models, making this advanced technology more accessible to riders across the globe. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, it is likely that we will see further innovations and advancements in motorcycle cruise control systems that will enhance both the convenience and safety of motorcycling.

Notable Motorcycles with Cruise Control Features

Ducati: A Pioneer in Motorcycle Cruise Control

How does Ducati pull off integrating cruise control into their models like the Multistrada and XDiavel? Simple – by being innovative. They’ve designed advanced systems that make long rides more comfortable than ever before.

Their approach is all about balance. Performance meets convenience especially in the Ducati Multistrada V4 S, making it a standout choice for riders who want both speed and comfort.

Cruise Control: The BMW Way

If there’s one thing we know about German engineering precision (hello, BMW.), they never disappoint. Their motorcycles are fitted with top-notch electronic aids including an optional or standard cruise control system in models such as the BMW F 900 R and F 900 XR.

BMW has been at the forefront of motorcycle innovation, and their bikes are no exception when it comes to cruise control features. From adventure motorcycles to sport touring options such as the BMW R 1250 GS, riders can enjoy the comfort of cruise control on various models.

Honda’s Innovative Approach to Cruise Control

Moving onto Honda – another big player in the game. Models like the Honda Gold Wing and Rebel 1100 come loaded with high-tech systems offering multiple levels of adjustability – adaptive speed controls included.

The Honda Africa Twin also shares these features which make sure your long-distance trips are comfy from start to finish. This level of innovation clearly showcases Honda’s dedication towards enhancing riding experiences through smart solutions.


Kawasaki is another manufacturer that has incorporated cruise control into its lineup. The Kawasaki ZX-10R and ZX-10RR from 2021 onwards come equipped with this feature, making them great choices for sportbike enthusiasts.


Yamaha is continuously improving its motorcycles with new technology, and has recently introduced the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 9 GT+ with adaptive cruise control. This addition makes it an attractive option for sport-touring enthusiasts.


Harley-Davidson is expected to release models with adaptive cruise control in the near future, enhancing the ride experience for its loyal customer base. Their cruisers such as the Harley Davidson Sportster are already known for their comfort and style, and adding cruise control will enhance these features even further.


Indian Motorcycles, another prominent cruiser manufacturer, is also working on introducing adaptive cruise control in their upcoming models. Riders can look forward to enjoying an even more comfortable journey on Indian bikes soon.


CFMoto, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, offers cruise control on its 650GT sports tourer model. This feature enhances the already impressive list of advanced technologies found on this affordable yet high-quality motorcycle.

Moto Guzzi

Another premium brand that offers cruise control on its bikes is Moto Guzzi. The Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring is a prime example, featuring a relaxed cruiser riding position and additional cruise control for long-distance comfort.

The Unexpected Bikes With Cruise Control

Motorcycles with cruise control aren’t limited to high-end models alone. Some middleweight sportbikes, cruisers, and adventure tourers also come equipped with this feature. And it’s not always an optional extra – some bikes have a standard throttle lock or electronic version.

“Who would’ve thought that affordable brands like CFMOTO could offer motorcycles equipped with cruise control?”

– A surprised motorcycle enthusiast

Cheap but Reliable Options for Cruise Controls

If you’re looking for affordable yet reliable bikes, CFMOTO is worth considering. In spite of being less costly than the majority of other brands, they don’t skimp on quality or features.

Their 700CL-X and 800MT models are among the cheapest new motorcycles that come with this nifty feature. It’s amazing how much value these machines offer.

Motorcycle Cruise Control: The How-To of Aftermarket Add-Ons

Cruise control isn’t just for cars anymore. Your motorcycle can get in on the action too. So, if your bike’s model year missed out on this feature, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the open road with a little less hand fatigue.

“Adding cruise controls to many bikes is totally doable through aftermarket modifications.”

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Choosing an Aftermarket Kit

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick out an aftermarket kit that suits your specific motorcycle brand and model like a glove. These kits usually come packed with everything you need – throttle servo, control module, wiring harnesses…you name it.

You’ve got some homework though – check out each product’s specs before making any decisions. Things like installation ease and compatibility with your ride are key.

Diving into Installation

So what does adding cruise controls look like? Well, typically it involves connecting the control module to your bike’s existing throttle system using cables or wires from the kit. It might sound tricky, but don’t panic. If you’re having trouble, there are experienced technicians who can assist.

A heads up though – handlebar adjustments may be needed sometimes for new buttons or switches related to operating cruise control. Here’s a helpful resource from RevZilla on how to safely make these tweaks yourself.

Safety Features Complementing Motorcycle Cruise Controls

Motorcycle cruise controls are pretty cool, aren’t they? They’re like a breath of invigorating air in the motorcycling world. But here’s the thing – they aren’t self-driving and have their limitations. So, what’s the deal?

We’ve got other safety features that are often found alongside motorcycle cruisers, taking things up a notch.

Traction Control: The Unsung Hero

Traction control plays a crucial role in enhancing motorcycle safety, particularly in conjunction with cruise control systems. This feature uses sensors to detect any differences in wheel speeds, such as those caused by slippery surfaces or abrupt accelerations. Upon identifying the loss of traction, the system steps in to reduce power or apply the brakes as necessary, ensuring prevention of wheel-spin. In turn, this provides riders with increased stability and control over their bikes, especially during critical situations where maintaining a grip on the road is paramount.

The Cornerstone: Cornering ABS

Now, let’s talk about another player in our safety feature team – cornering ABS. This is one tech-savvy component. It works as part of the bike’s overall safety and controls system, using sensors to maintain a set distance from vehicles ahead while adjusting brake pressure during corners.

  1. This feature shines bright when sudden braking could lead to skidding or loss of vehicle control – yikes.

  2. Coupled with cruise control functions, these integrated systems significantly improve road safety for bikers worldwide – score.

So, remember folks – it’s not just about having cool gadgets on your bike, but also understanding how they work together for optimal performance and rider security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does cruise control work on a motorcycle?

Cruise control is a feature that allows a motorcycle rider to maintain a constant speed without manually controlling the throttle. It can be a factory-installed system or an aftermarket add-on.

What types of motorcycles are more likely to have cruise control?

Cruise control is more commonly found on high-end, modern motorcycles, especially those with ride-by-wire systems. Touring and adventure motorcycles are more likely to have cruise control because it provides a comfortable and convenient experience for long distances. However, it is also becoming more common in middleweight bikes like the Aprilia RS 660 and the Yamaha MT-09 SP.

Are there any reliable used motorcycles with cruise control?

Yes, there are reliable used motorcycles with cruise control features. Some popular options include the BMW R1200GS, and the Yamaha FJR1300. It’s essential to inspect any used motorcycle carefully for wear and tear, and to ensure the cruise control system is functioning correctly.

Can I use cruise control on a motorcycle with a manual transmission?

Yes, cruise control systems can be used on motorcycles with manual transmissions. However, you will need to disengage the cruise control before shifting gears or coming to a stop.

What are the different types of aftermarket cruise control systems for motorcycles?

There are two main types of aftermarket cruise control systems: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical systems, such as throttle locks, are simpler and less expensive but offer less precise speed control. Electronic systems, like the MCCruise or Rostra, provide more accurate speed control but are more complex and costly.


Motorcycle cruise control is not just a luxury; it is a game-changer for long rides. You have learned about the mechanics of how this feature works on bikes and its influence on your ride. We have delved into different types of systems, from adaptive to active, showcasing the future of motorcycle technology.

We learned that many touring bikes come pre-installed with factory cruise control out of the gate, especially newer bikes. Certain cruiser motorcycles as well as sport bikes also carry regular cruise control as a part of their features, it really depends on the specific brand as well as bike model.

Additionally, we have discussed budget-friendly motorcycles that lack this feature, which may come as a surprise. But don’t worry, aftermarket modifications are available to give any bike an upgrade. These add-ons can enhance overall performance and safety features.

Now that you are equipped with knowledge about motorcycles with cruise control, you can make informed decisions when buying new or modifying existing bikes.

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