Motorcycles in Sons of Anarchy: The Bikes That Defined the Series

Reading Time: 6 minutes You might recall the thunderous roar of motorcycles that became almost like a character in itself on FX’s hit drama “Sons of Anarchy.” As the members of SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) navigated their lives and troubles, their motorcycles were as much a part of the narrative as their leather cuts. The…

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harley davidson rider on his way to the biker bar for some jokes

Harley Davidson Jokes: Rev Up Your Humor with These Laughs for Bikers

Reading Time: 6 minutes Harley Davidson stands as a symbol of freedom and power on the open road, capturing the heart of motorcycle culture around the world. It’s an iconic brand that has fueled the spirit of bikers with its throaty roar and distinctive design for over a century. However, even the most devoted motorcyclists know that every culture…

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