Harley Davidson Oil Filter Chart: An All-Encompassing Guide To Oil Changes

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that maintaining the performance and longevity of their Harley Davidson bikes is crucial. One key aspect of this maintenance is ensuring the engine oil and filter are clean and functioning efficiently. For Harley Davidson owners, having access to accurate information about oil filters through a chart can be extremely beneficial in making informed decisions to keep their motorcycles running smoothly.

A Harley Davidson oil filter chart provides a comprehensive breakdown on the different oil filters compatible with specific Harley models, along with their corresponding part numbers. Utilizing a reliable chart helps riders identify the optimal filter for their motorcycle, taking into account factors such as efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

This essential tool not only aids in selecting the correct filter but also highlights the oil capacities, grades, and types suitable for different Harley models. By consulting a reliable Harley Davidson oil filter chart, riders can maximize the performance of their motorcycles and prolong the life of their engines, ensuring a satisfying riding experience.

Recommended Oil for Different Models

Sport Models

Sport models of Harley Davidson motorcycles, such as the XL53C Sportster Custom 53, XL883 Sportster R, and the XL883R Sportster R (EFI), require engine oil suitable for high-performance engines. Harley Davidson recommends using SAE 15W-50 oil for sport models to ensure proper lubrication and protection.

FX Series Models

For FX series models like the FX200, FX250, and the FXRS, it is crucial to use engine oil that not only provides adequate lubrication but also helps maintain the engine’s longevity. SAE 20W-50 engine oil is recommended for these motorcycles, ensuring optimal engine performance in various weather conditions.

FL Series Models

Harley Davidson FL series models, including the FLH, FL200, and FL250, are known for their powerful engines and long-distance capabilities. These motorcycles require a robust engine oil to withstand long rides and high temperatures. As such, Harley Davidson recommends using SAE 20W-50 for FL series models to maintain proper engine function and protection.

V-Twin Models

V-Twin models like the XL1000, XLX1000, and XLS1000, are equipped with powerful, air-cooled V-twin engines. These engines demand an engine oil that can withstand high temperatures and maintain their performance. The preferred engine oil for V-Twin models is SAE 20W-50, ensuring the engine components are adequately lubricated and protected from wear and tear.

XL Series Models

XL Series models, such as the XLH883 Sportster, XLH883 Sportster Hugger, and XLH883 Sportster R Flat Track, require an engine oil that provides optimal lubrication and protection in various riding conditions. Harley Davidson suggests using SAE 15W-50 oil for these motorcycles to maintain engine performance and longevity.

Our Harley Davidson Oil Filter Chart

We have prepared a Harley Davidson oil filter chart that will show you exactly what you need to know for specific models in order to manage oil changes. Please see our table below for this information:

Understanding Harley Davidson Oil Filter Replacement

Replacement Oil Filters

When it comes to maintaining your Harley Davidson motorcycle, it is essential to regularly replace the oil filter. There are numerous replacement oil filters available that are compatible with Harley Davidson bikes. Some popular brands for replacement oil filters include Arlen Ness and Hiflofiltro. Choosing the right oil filter ensures that your engine is protected from wear and tear while maintaining optimal engine performance. Make sure to use quality filters that match your bike model and riding style.

Frequency of Oil Filter Replacement

Harley Davidson recommends changing the motorcycle oil and engine oil filter at the first 1,000-mile service interval and at every 5,000-mile service interval thereafter. However, these intervals can vary based on your riding conditions. If you ride your motorcycle hard, under dusty conditions, or in cold weather, the engine oil and filter should be changed more often to prevent engine damage. Stay vigilant about the state of the oil filter in your bike and consistently monitor it between replacements.

Importance of Oil Filter Replacement

The oil filter plays a crucial role in maintaining your motorcycle’s performance. Over time, particles from wear and tear can accumulate in the engine oil, which can lead to reduced engine performance and potential damage. Regularly replacing the oil filter ensures that fresh, clean oil is circulating throughout the engine, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently.

By being conscientious about oil filter replacement, you help extend the life of your Harley Davidson motorcycle, maintain its performance, and avoid costly engine damage. Moreover, it is important to use quality oil filters from reputable brands and follow the recommended replacement intervals to ensure the longevity and optimal functioning of your motorcycle.


Using the right oil filter can significantly impact a motorcycle’s engine performance and longevity. The majority of Harley Davidson motorcycles require 20W50 oil, regardless of whether they have a 103, Twin Cam, or Softail engine, or if they use synthetic or regular oil.

One important aspect of oil filter maintenance is ensuring the filter is changed at appropriate intervals. Replacing the oil filter not only improves fuel efficiency, but also ensures that the engine remains in optimal condition over time.

Additionally, riders should take care to use high-quality oil filters, like those from K&N. These replacement oil filters are designed to enhance engine performance and are available for various Harley Davidson models.

By adhering to the recommendations found in our Harley Davidson oil filter chart, riders can keep their motorcycles running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring an enjoyable and satisfying riding experience.

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