How to Do a Burnout on a Motorcycle: Master the Smoke Show in Minutes

Reading Time: 5 minutes Performing a motorcycle burnout might look like a simple task of spinning tires, but it requires proper technique and control. Whether you’re looking to impress friends at a bike meet or just want to enjoy the thrill, understanding how to safely execute a burnout is key. Essentially, a burnout is when you keep your motorcycle…

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How to Lean on a Motorcycle: Mastering the Art of the Tilt

Reading Time: 6 minutes Leaning into a turn on a motorcycle isn’t just about looking cool—it’s a crucial aspect of riding dynamics. When you lean the right way, you’re not only riding safer, but you’re also taking steps to better control and enjoy your motorcycle. It’s all about using your body to influence the bike’s behavior, especially when navigating…

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Motorcycle Weight Limit Calculator: Know Your Ride’s Capacity

Reading Time: 6 minutes When it comes to motorcycle riding, safety is paramount, and understanding the weight limits of a motorcycle is crucial for both the rider’s and the vehicle’s well-being. Every motorcycle is designed with a maximum weight capacity, which includes the weight of the rider, any passengers, and any cargo. Exceeding this limit can lead to reduced…

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A person performing an exhilarating motorcycle stunt from a curated list of tricks.

Motorcycle Tricks List: The Top 10 Daring Stunts for Thrill Seekers

Reading Time: 7 minutes Motorcycle stunts are a captivating blend of skill, balance, and daring. They transform the art of motorcycling into a spectacle that thrills audiences and pushes the boundaries of what is possible on two wheels. Each stunt requires a high level of proficiency and an intimate understanding of motorcycle mechanics as well as physics. Over the…

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