Motorcycle Wind Chill Chart

When setting out on a motorbike ride, it’s important to think about how many factors could affect your comfort and safety. Wind chill is one such component; it’s the feeling of coldness that comes from being exposed to both wind and cold. If you know how to calculate wind chill, you can better prepare for your trip and make sure you have a pleasant and comfortable time.

What Is Wind Chill?

Wind chill is what happens when the wind blows against your body and makes you lose heat more quickly. It’s when you think the air temperature is lower than it really is, making you feel colder than you would in a calm place. Wind chill gets stronger as the wind speed goes up or as the temperature goes down. This happens because heat is pulled away from the body’s surface at a faster rate.

The National Weather Service uses a rigorous scientific formula to arrive at this conclusion. Here’s some math for you to do if that’s your thing:

Wind chill = 35.74 + (0.6215 × T) − (35.75 × Windsfc  0.16  )  + (0.4275 × T × Windsfc  0.16  )

Windsfc  equals the wind speed and T, the temperature. Fortunately, we have made this easy for you- see below for an easily digestible motorcycle wind chill chart that breaks down wind chill degrees by riding speed:

Motorcycle Wind Chill Chart

Riding Speed (MPH)Air Temperature (Farenheit)

Significance of Wind Chill Awareness When Motorcycling

When riding a motorcycle, you need to be aware of wind chill because it has a direct effect on your comfort, endurance, and even your general safety. When you’re out in cold winds for a long time, your body heat can leave quickly, which can cause hypothermia or frostbite. Also, wind chill can make you think that it’s not as cold as it really is, which can cause you to dress wrong for the weather. By knowing how to calculate wind chill, you can choose the right clothes, gear, and length of time to ride in order to have the best and safest riding experience.

If you know what wind chill is, what it means, and how to figure it out, you can be better prepared for a safe and fun motorbike ride, no matter what the weather is like. Make sure you know the present and expected temperatures and wind speeds, dress appropriately, and take any other steps you need to in order to protect yourself from wind chill. With this information, you’ll be ready to start your two-wheeled journey and stay safe.

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